...please! Pretty PLEASE! :cry:

You know Auto-Tune, don't you? It's that effect Cher used in her song "I believe" and International Pony made fun of in their track "Leaving home".. Since then or at least since B.o.B. - Autotune, there's no need of any more autotuned singing, howling, crying or whatever you think what would be funny to do with this friggin plugin! I mean: Really! Not just that it's not innovative anymore, it's really really annoying..!

I'm not saying that it's bad, 'cos it's cheating or something like that: In most of the tracks I know (well those, where you can hear it.. ;)) it's an element of style. All I'm saying is that I dislike that style. It's annoying for me and making me crazy. Since some years I stop every track using autotune ASAP. I can't hear it anymore, it's making me aggressive! (Attention: Personal opinion!)

But what's happening is the complete opposite of what I'ld like to hear: Even once good singers and bands are starting to use autotune..! It's no matter what I'm listening to, there's always some guy thinking: "Oh, wow! This Auto-Tune stuff is da bomb, dude!"

So I started thinking, maybe it's only me hating this effect so much and I began asking friends and everybody I know from all over the web, what they think about it.. Guess what? I NEVER got the answer: "Yeah man! I looooove the Auto-Tune! Please gimme more!" ;) Really everybody, I asked, gave the same answer: "I HATE IT!"

Okay.. This may be because they're my more or less loose friends and we share the same taste.. So starting now: Phase two of my little poll: The rest of the world.. ;) What do you think about Auto-Tune? You like it or not? Please leave a comment. Be as constructive as you can and tell us WHAT you like about it, WHEN you like it and what you dislike if you do..

...And please share this link with as many friends as possible, so I hopefully get many responses...

@sortr: No, see: I don't even like those autotuned tracks from Daft Punk.. And I normally LOVE Daft Punk! They just should've sticked with their good old vocoder.. ;-)

@anonymous: (Last time I say this - next troll-comments will be silently deleted..!)
I'm not saying "Don't listen to it" but asking "Who does like what about it and who doesn't", to check what's the "tenor"..

Some like David Hasselhoff, some like Heino and some like Auto-Tune.
Where's the problem, if you don't like it, don't listen to it

No to auto-tunes!
I think it's a matter of context. I like it in electro style context sometimes (think Daft Punk) but it sure is annoying in cheap POP songs where it's mainly used to make the singer that was only chosen for her looks sound reasonably "good". But then, those songs are annoying for other reasons too, most of the time.. :-)

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