ambSTATUS was created out of my own need of some very simple news system for me to inform my customers about the status of and news about my webhosting services.

It can display two variants of messages: Announcements and alerts, both with optional and timestamped updates.
It also creates an rss feed of this...



Frontent: https://amb-status.de

Backend: Sorry, no demo available...





  • Two types of messages: Announcement & Alert
  • Updates per message
  • Some HTML allowed
  • Unpublish / close finished messages
  • RSS & Atom Feed
  • Multilanguage framework
  • Clean, modern design



  • PHP7+
  • MySQL



  1. Create Database and corresponding user with all privileges
  2. Upload contents of the folder "dist" to your webserver
  3. Visit site using a webbrowser and follow on-screen instructions



  1. Delete file "dist/include/config.inc.php"
  2. Delete folder "dist/install"
  3. Upload "dist/*" to your webserver and overwrite existing files



Access "admin.php" with your browser to add / edit / update your news. e.g: https://example.com/admin.php

These will be displayed on your frontpage. e.g: https://example.com

or in your rss feed. e.g: https://example.com/rss.php



I'm using NetBeans for development. All project files are included.

Run "npm install" and "bower install" to install dependencies in folder "src/".

Run "grunt default" to create new distribution files in folder "dist/".



This uses many 3rd party tools and libraries:



For now, there's only a gitlab:

Download snapshot:

git clone https://gitlab.ambhost.net/stimpy/website_news.git


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