Rabenwetter is a modern template for WeeWX with support for up to two optional webcams, using a bunch of javascript and ajax to display interactive gaueges and archive charts.








  • Responsive design
  • AJAX update of all values and images
  • Minimalistic gauges
  • Interactive archive charts
  • Up to 2 webcams
  • Zoom on hover and fullscreen on click
  • Automatic backgrounds for summer and winter.
  • Multilingual
  • Highly configurable






For detailed help on installing and updating the Rabenwetter template, including all manual steps needed, please visit the project wiki.


Download and run the automatic installscript:

curl -s https://rabenwetter.de/install.sh |sh -s -- [</weewx/config/folder/>] [<language>]

</weewx/config/folder/> The folder containing your weewx.conf
Default: /etc/weewx/
<language>  Language of your website.
Available: en, de, fr, no, nl
Default: en



curl -s https://rabenwetter.de/install.sh |sh -s -- /etc/weewx/ en


The automatic installscript is still pretty new and untested. If it fails, visit the project wiki for manual installation advice.



For more help, bugreports, featurerequests, translations or patches, please visit my gitlab:





This template is licensed under the MIT License. Please see included LICENSE file for details.

However, the DevExtreme library used, isn't.
So this template is for non-commercial use only! (Or you'll have to buy a license from them..) Please see included DXEULA file for details.

3rd party licenses




You don't need to manually download this. See "INSTALLATION" above...

However, if you still insist. Here's how:




git clone https://gitlab.ambhost.net/stimpy/template_rabenwetter.git


Have just installed Rabenwetter on to weewx.
Seems fine, still need to make lots of changes, but the biggest issue is the message we get on the web browser "You need javascript to see the live instruments. (e.g. disable NoScript addon.)" even tried it on edge, still get the error. any ideas or pointers as to what is happening,, many thanks Peter VK4KHP


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